Monday, 30 March 2009

Gerard Butler also at the Empire Awards

I searched to see if Gerard Butler and James McAvoy took any photos together like James and Ewan McGregor did last year, but alas, no luck yet. Gerard appeared onstage with Guy Ritchie and his RocknRolla cast mates to accept the Jameson Empire Award (from James McAvoy's lovely wife, Anne-Marie Duff) for Best British Film. You can watch the video of the acceptance speech at Empire's website. Below are the transcript of the acceptance speech and photos of Gerry at the award show:

The Acceptance Speech
Guy Ritchie: "Thank you very much indeed. There's not much more I'll say because Gerry Butler is the eloquent one among us, so Gerry, perhaps you'd like to say a couple of words but just before you do, the Warner Bros team, thank you very much for doing the job that you all did. Empire readers, thank you very much indeed, Empire thank you very much indeed. Gerry Butler, you're on."

Butler: "This was supposed to be Guy speaking but as usual he dumped it on me. Listen, I want to thank Guy who really wrote all the words and directed all the stuff and did a great job and it's about time he got SOMETHING right... you did put me up here you bastard!"

Ritchie: (chases Butler away from the mike)"That's quite enough out of you Gerry."

Mark Strong: "It's over Ger, that's it, your time's up. It's great that people who know about movies and love movies decided to vote this Best British Film; thank you very much."

Photo Credit: Gareth Gay / Alpha

Photo Credit: Jeff Spicer / Alpha



  1. Oooh, Michael Sheen! Sorry, I realise he isn't even Scottish. But it would be unfair to discriminate in light of such loveliness.

  2. I have a thing for Welsh men too and I agree - Michael Sheen is so lovely. He was robbed of an Oscar nomination this year.


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