Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I Love You Phillip Morris to open in the UK this summer

I Love You Phillip Morris, starring Ewan McGregor has finally gotten distributors in the UK. Only a few European countries like Italy, and the countries in Scandinavia have also gotten rights to show the film. America and Canada are waiting to get news about their distribution status, and sadly the wait is partially due to the state of the economy. Luckily, since the distribution has finally been confirmed for the UK, the US and Canada won't have much longer to wait to find out about release dates.

Worldwide Release Dates:

USA (Sundance Film Festival) - January 18, 2009
Germany (European Film Market) - February 7, 2009
Italy - March 6, 2009
The Netherlands - April 16, 2009
Brazil - June 5, 2009
Belgium (TBA - Summer)
United Kingdom (TBA - Summer)
Sweden (TBA - August)
Norway (TBA - August)
Finland - September 11, 2009
Romania - November 20, 2009
Czech Republic - November 26, 2009
Denmark - December 4, 2009

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  1. RATS !!! I WANT to get this movie at my theater !!!
    Oh, and thanks for the billboard, it made me giggle.... how mature is that !! :-)

  2. LOL. The billboard is hilarious. The look on Jim's face basically says - "back off fangirls. I own him now."


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