Sunday, 22 April 2012

Disney want Scot with ginger hair to play Brave heroine at theme park in America

Disney have launched a worldwide search for redheads to play their latest heroine Princess Merida at their US theme parks.

The star of new animated film Brave is a feisty Scot and a crack shot with a bow and arrow.
And studio bosses say their ideal candidate would be a Gaelic-speaking Scot.

In the film, out in June, flame-haired Merida is voiced by Scots star Kelly Macdonald and Disney are keen that the theme park character should have the same distinctive accent.

Shawn Slater, communications manager at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, said: “Merida is impetuous, rough and tumble, strong-willed, determined and playful.
“We would prefer to find someone who has the right hair and accent already but if the candidate isn’t perfect, we also have dialect coaches, and wigs.”

Wannabe warrior princesses must be at least 16, authorised to work in America and will be paid £7.80 an hour. They could be based at either Disneyland in California or Walt Disney World in Florida where versions of her Highland castle home are now being built.

Shawn said: “Merida is a skilled archer and our creative teams wanted to incorporate archery into the experience.
“There will actually be sets of bows and arrows – safe ones– that children can use to practise.”

Brave tells the story of the reluctant heir to the throne. Merida’s parents King Fergus and Queen Elinor – voiced by Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson – are determined to find her a suitable husband. But Merida refuses, instead invoking an ancient curse.

Source: Daily Record 

Scottish Actors note: Anyone interested in this should contact Disney. 

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