Sunday, 22 April 2012

Martin Compston: Piggy premiere tickets, and Four review

Front Row Reviews and Flickering Myth are both running competitions to win tickets to the UK première of Piggy - visit the websites for details.

Another review of Four

Scottish actor Martin Compston (‘Sweet Sixteen’, ‘Red Road’) is one of the stars of a taut new thriller – and the Herald has copies to give away.

‘Four’ is being released on DVD by High Fliers on May 7.

The plan is to kidnap your wife’s lover, take him to a remote warehouse – hurt him a little and scare him a lot.

The idea is to keep your hands clean and hire a detective for the dirty work.

Sounds simple? There’s no such thing as simple in this nerve-shredder of a film.

The detective reveals he also has the wife tied up elsewhere in the warehouse. He thinks it’s in the husband’s best interests to confront her as well.

The husband goes along with the plan and the sight of his wife tied to a chair, her head covered with a bag, makes him feel suitably strong and powerful.

However this is no simpering prey. The only thing this woman is unwilling to do is be a victim . . . or lose.

The film also stars Sean Pertwee and Craig Conway.

It’s a darkly comic British thriller packed full of suspense with twists and turns around every corner – building up to a shocking climax.

The Herald has three copies of the film to give away. See this week’s paper for details.

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