Monday, 2 April 2012

Field of Blood airs in New Zealand

Denise Mina's Field of Blood to screen on Vibe next week
Thursdays at 9.30pm from 5 April on Vibe (SKY TV) (New Zealand)

Paddy Meehan is a new kind of heroine. A young, female, feisty and funny trainee reporter, she often oversteps the mark between reporting crimes and solving them - while sometimes becoming part of the crime along the way.

Paddy has always had ambitions to be an investigative reporter. But in the male dominated world of Scottish newspapers in 1982, no-one will take her seriously.  Not only is she young and female, she's not as thin and glamorous as her rival trainee journalist. And her close-knit family can't understand why she doesn't want to just settle down and marry the boy next door.

Then a big murder case breaks, and a member of Paddy's family is implicated. Paddy has to make a choice – does she follow the case, and risk being seen to betray her family, or does she turn her back on the career she's been longing for?

This suspenseful two-part crime drama is based on the first of Denise Mina's Paddy Meehan novels, and stars the cream of British acting talent including David Morrissey (State of Play), Peter Capaldi (Torchwood: Children of Earth) and introducing Jayd Johnson as Paddy Meehan.

“A taut and pacy murder mystery… it’s terrific” - The Guardian, UK

“…in the same drawer as Downton or Mad Men” - The Independent, UK

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