Sunday, 27 November 2011

Ewan McGregor - new TV project, and DVD voiceover

  • Ewan McGregor Moves to TV for HBO’s “The Corrections”
Ewan McGregor is set to star in HBO’s The Corrections, which is based on the Johnathan Franzen novel of the same name.

McGregor joins the pre-existing cast of Dianne Wiest and Chris Cooper, who will be playing his parents. The plot centers on elderly Midwestern couple and their three adult children and follows their lives from the mid 20th century right up until their last Christmas together near the turn of the millennium. McGregor’s role is Chip, the middle son, a Marxist who works for a Lithuanian crime boss after being fired from his professor job because he had an affair with a student. The roles of the other two children remain to be cast.

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Also reported by Inside TV and Deadline

  • Charge gets DVD release
It’s not the usual petrolhead fare, but an Isle of Man company is hoping a new documentary about the TT will be as groundbreaking as the bikes it's based on.
Charge is directed by Mark Neale and puts the zero emission racing centre stage as it follows electric bike teams.

Narrated by Ewan McGregor, the movie is finally getting a DVD release in Britain thanks to Tromode-based Duke Marketing.

Charge is released on December 19 and you can find out more about it at

Isle Of Man

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