Thursday, 4 March 2010

John Barrowman to guest star on 'Glee'?

John Barrowman has been meeting with Glee producers in Los Angeles about possibly guest starring on the show as a teacher.

He enthused: "I absolutely love the show. What would I play in it? I’m not sure what kind of character I’d like to play, maybe I could be a teacher, you know, another teacher who comes in and helps out.

"That’s me just kind of brainstorming but the fact that they want to have a meeting with me is really quite nice in itself, it’s so exciting!" []

He will also be heading to America on Thursday to start shooting his Desperate Housewives episodes.

He told "I just got the script last night. He is the most evil character they’ve ever introduced to the series. And that’s saying something!

"I've been told I'll not only be involved in what they call ‘the current mystery storyline’, but I'll affect every single housewife on the street. I can’t wait! I’m going to be having my Starbucks in the morning with Eva Longoria, woohoo!"

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  1. Thats amazing*-*
    John Barrowman on Glee ? xD


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