Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Alan Cumming's last day on the set of 'Burlesque'

This is from Alan Cumming's personal blog:
I just got back to my hotel after a 16 hour day of work, my last on the movie Burlesque. I am really tired, but I can't imagine how the girl dancers are feeling tonight. They have been dancing their asses off, at full pelt, all day long, wearing these chain-mail style dresses that are already making scrapes and grazes on their skin - and they have a whole day of doing it all again tomorrow. It's the finale of the film, a song written by Christina, and it really is amazing. But wow, those girls, I don't envy them. And the set is so hot because there are huge stage lights on all day and the air conditioning can't be turned on because it makes the smoke that is pumped into the sound stage to increase the lighting effects disappear. At least they all look totally hot and are going to be worshipped the world over come Thanksgiving. Here's a little film I made today...

Burlesque is scheduled to open on November 24 in the US.

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