Tuesday, 2 March 2010

James McAvoy drops out of untitled cancer comedy

James has dropped out of the formerly titled I'm With Cancer after shooting started last month in Vancouver. Summit Entertainment has confirmed that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will step into the role. Shooting has been halted temporarily and will start up again in the week of March 8. Co-star Seth Rogen gave a statement to MTV:
Rogen said, "It’s incredibly unfortunate that circumstances outside of everyone’s control have taken James away from the project, but, with James’s blessing, we were able to have Joseph step in to take on the [lead] role of Adam. We all look forward to working with James in the future."

...For what it's worth, we've been hearing rumors from readers about a death in McAvoy's family, which would be a more than reasonable explanation for his departure. Since we're not in the business of gossip I'm not planning to investigate further, but I wish McAvoy all the best in whatever took him away from I'm With Cancer, and anxiously await what Gordon-Levitt will have to offer in the role. [Cinema Blend]

There is also a little Wanted 2 news today. Last week Angelina Jolie reportedly dropped out of Wanted 2 and Universal quickly scrapped the project. Apparently those reports hadn't been confirmed by anyone at Universal. Now comes word that Wanted co-creator Mark Millar says the film could still get made because Universal may not have come to a final decision.

You can also watch an exclusive interview (via JMMB) with James and Best Actress nominee Helen Mirren discussing The Last Station over at Making Of. I would embed it, but the video comes with autoplay.

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