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Peter Capaldi: book foreword, and interview

Peter Capaldi hails the work of legendary rock photographer Harry Papadopoulos
Peter Capaldi

The snapper captured Scotland's music stars in the late 1970s and 80s. Here, Thick of It star Peter Capaldi pays tribute in the foreword to a new book.
The alternative Glasgow scene of the late 1970s and early 80s was a world of energy and bristling creativity.
Even the nihilists and anarchists had to figure out what to wear and what chords to play.
It was a time when you had to be in a band. Or make a fanzine. Or do something. And, thankfully for us, Harry chose to turn his lens on this world. It’s no surprise he himself was an example of the kind of artfulness and energy his pictures so vividly capture.
Of course, Harry soon graduated to the big bands and the proper music press but it’s his pictures of the bubbling Glasgow scene that get me most because I was there, hustling and begging for a gig like everyone else, and watching while others soared.
And I can attest to the fact that his pictures capture the excitement and punky chutzpah of the time. I was at some of the gigs pictured in this book.
The Cramps. We loved the gig so much, we even travelled to Edinburgh the following night to see them again (where singer Lux Interior had a stand-off with the venue janitor on stage in front of a seething sweaty mob of embryonic goths).
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In The Loop - Peter Capaldi interview

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