Sunday, 7 April 2013

Blythe Duff: 'Good With People'

Good With People
From New Yorker:
Business has been slow since a nuclear naval base opened in the Scottish seaside town where Helen (Blythe Duff) manages a small hotel, and so she is surprised when a stranger (Andrew Scott-Ramsay) wants to rent a room. She’s even more surprised, though, when the young man turns out to be one of the four navy brats who brutalized her son at a rally protesting nuclear weapons years before. David Harrower’s fifty-five-minute drama, directed by George Perrin (part of “Brits Off Broadway”), is a study in how two people with reason to hate each other might, after years apart, not only see each other anew but develop a particularly strong bond. But the short piece, though polished, feels more like a sketch than a fleshed-out play.

Previews begin March 27, opens April 3, closes April 21
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