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Martin Compston: interviews

Actor Martin Compston makes waves as leading man
Martin Compston. Picture: Graham Jepson
Martin Compston. Picture: Graham Jepson. Source: Scotsman
From The Scotsman:
Martin Compston is fast becoming the go-to guy for directors seeking a leading man with an edge. We join him as he does his best Daniel Craig impression in the Irish Sea
We are sheltering from a howling gale in a small, out-of-season seaside resort on the east coast of Ireland. Battered by the fierce wind roaring in off the Irish Sea, a tired-looking fairground appears to be struggling to remain upright. At the fairground – which is in fact a set for a new ITV1 drama The Ice Cream Girls – bored teenagers light up in an apathetic fashion by the waltzer while their friends try in vain to stop their candy floss blowing away in the gale-force winds. Next to them stands another ride, festooned with pictures of young women in bikinis looking inexplicably cheery. Just beyond the fairground, the raging sea is a dark shade of grey. Enormous breakers crash on to the shingle beach with a sound like thunder. It’s not what you would call a good day to go swimming but unfortunately for him – that’s exactly what Martin Compston is about to do.
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Martin Compston: Life as I know it
Actor Martin, 28, appears in the new ITV drama The Ice Cream Girls. He is single and lives in London.

Martin Compston. Photo source: Express

Not a lot of people know this but I'm very good at… dancing. I had to learn in a hurry when I was in the film SoulBoy, about the Northern soul scene in the 70s. For a while after that, I was always first up on the dance floor.
My best friend is… I have two - both are from Greenock, my home town in Scotland. I have good friends in London, too, but there is something about the pals you grew up with that's special. They know exactly who you are.
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Scots actor Martin Compston tells how role as school predator in new TV drama pushed him into some dark places
Martin Compston plays a teacher who abuses his power over two young teenager girls, and becomes a murder victim in new drama, The Ice Cream Girls.

Martin as evil teacher Marcus with Kathy Kiera Clarke as Marlene
Martin as evil teacher Marcus with Kathy Kiera Clarke as Marlene. Source: Daily Record
Crime is paying for actor Martin Compston.
His career has taken a huge step forward playing both good guys and bad guys on TV and film.
He has just been cast as one of the Great Train Robbers, getaway driver Roy James, in one of two new BBC1 dramas marking the 50th anniversary of the Royal Mail heist.
He’s filming the second series of Line of Duty as Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott of the anti-corruption unit.
And he is awaiting the much anticipated release of Filth, based on Irvine Welsh’s book, in which he plays an out-and-out villain.
First up, however, is The Ice Cream Girls, a major new drama in which he plays a teacher who abuses his power over two young teenage girls, Poppy and Serena, and becomes a murder victim.
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A review of The Ice Cream Girls by PrimetimeTV is here.

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