Sunday, 26 February 2012

Billy Connolly: 'Troubles' film restored | New role in Eric Idle's 'What about Dick?'

A fly-on-the-wall documentary which shows Billy Connolly on tour in Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles is to be screened at the Glasgow Film Festival. Big Banana Feet was made in two days during Connolly's 1975 tour of Ireland. The only remaining copy of the programme is in an American film archive which has been restored and brought back to Glasgow for the screening.

See a clip on the BBC website or watch the full interview of Billy Connolly in conversation with film-maker David Peat at BBC

Billy Connolly to star in new Eric Idle production 

Stand-up comedian Russell Brand will take the titular role in former Python Eric Idle's latest musical, What About Dick?. Set in the early 20th Century, the production is to be presented as a radio play with the cast reading from scripts. It will run for just 4 nights in April, from the 26th to 29th, and will also star Tracey Ullman, Billy Connolly, Sophie Winkleman, Eddie Izzard and Tim Curry. Jane Leeves, a former (Benny) Hill's Angel but better known for the role of Daphne in long-running US sitcom Frasier, will also appear, and Idle himself will act as narrator.

Written by Idle with his long-term musical collaborator John Du Prez, the story is described as a "farcical romp" that follows Oxford student Dick as he studies philosophy and gynaecology; Izzard's character is the inventor of the vibrator. A previous version of the production was staged in a similar form in 2007. Idle told the Los Angeles Times that he and Du Prez have spent the last 5 years re-writing the scripts and adding more songs to the show. He added: "It's essentially the same idea as before, but the part of Dick got bigger - if I'm allowed to say that."

Idle also confirmed that What About Dick? will be recorded for release as a 'concert film'.

Source: The British Comedy Guide

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