Thursday, 17 December 2009

New trailer for 'The End of Time' + star in 'Burke and Hare' with David Tennant

Here's the new TV trailer for Doctor Who special, The End of Time, Part One:

The End of Time, Part One will air on BBC America on December 26 at 9pm ET/PT.

Okay, this is cutting it close, but there's still a little time to audition as an extra in Burk and Hare:
Thugs, footmen, dignitaries, doctors, and ladies of the night are being sought for a new comedy feature film about Edinburgh's famous grave-robbers-turned-murderers Burke and Hare. Universal Extras are holding auditions for the parts at the Tolbooth in Stirling on Thursday 17th December from 9am to 5pm (people can turn up any time on the day according to the announcement).

It is an exciting project considering that the film is being made by John Landis, the director behind comedy classics such as the Blues Brothers, Trading Places, An American Werewolf in London, and Animal House.

Among the stars lined up are Simon Pegg as William Burke, Bill Nighy, Dan Aykroyd, Minnie Driver and John Cleese.

Set in 19th Century Edinburgh, the black comedy follows the two miscreants as they get into the grave-robbery business after discovering a body in their house and realising that fresh corpses can yield a pretty penny when delivered promptly to Edinburgh's pioneering medical school.

When the two start cutting corners, killing to order instead of digging up stiffs from the graveyard like other "resurrectionists", they soon attract the attentions of the authorities.

With the law closing in, Hare persuades Burke that they should raise a last bit of cash to go straight and open a funeral parlour.

The open call for extras on the Universal Extras bulletin board states:

"Parts available in this truly full of laughter feature film will include you playing role(s) such as; Thugs, Students, Pub goers, Footmen, Dignitaries, Doctors, Market sellers, Ladies of the Night and many more! Payment per filming day will be around £80. The role you are selected for will determine what you will be paid and the amount of days you will be required for over February and March 2010." []


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