Tuesday, 15 December 2009

James McAvoy's 'Last Station' interview + new 'Last Station' clips

James McAvoy recently did an interview and talked about his role in The Last Station and working with actors Helen Mirren, Christopher Plummer, and Paul Giamatti. Both Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer were nominated for Golden Globes earlier today in the Best Actress, Drama and the Best Supporting Actor categories for The Last Station. You can mosey on over to Awards Daily for the full list of nominees.

An excerpt of the interview is below and you can read the full interview here.
Back Stage: You were speaking with Michael Hoffman about this film long ago. How did the role finally become yours?

James McAvoy
: There was a point when I wasn't certain the job was being offered to me—probably because nobody knew who I was. But he knew who I was, enough that he liked my work, I think. But the job still wasn't an offer. Anyway, he couldn't get the film made, and then by the time that it came back around, he could offer me the job.

Back Stage
: Do you know why he was interested in you in particular?

: I think he thought I was a good person at playing the lead role in something in which the lead character wasn't the focal point, and that was the case with "The Last King of Scotland"—playing that guy who carries you through the film, even though he's not the sort of über-figure in that film.

Back Stage: And you have a purity onscreen.

McAvoy: It's just something I think I've been able to do, that people have picked up on. And when you do something once, people kind of go, "Well, that's what you can do." It's a nice quality to portray, and I like that. But I can't lie: There will be a part of me that goes, "Ya, I want to play a bad guy; I want to play nasty people." And actually I've played quite a few egotistical people as well, and that's something that I'm quite interested in. Ego is something that I think is quite a fun thing to play. [Backstage via James McAvoy Message Board]

Some new clips with James from The Last Station are now online. I can't embed them so be sure to go here and here to watch them.

There's also a little bit of news on The Conspirator. The film, which has been shooting in Savannah since October, wraps today. Savannah is being used to substitute for 1860s Washington, D.C. The film centers on Mary Surratt's trial after she is accused of conspiring to kill President Lincoln.

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