Tuesday, 22 December 2009

David Tennant's LA Times interview + on set photos from 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer'

David Tennant talked to Robert Lloyd about Doctor Who and NBC pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. An excerpt to his interview is below:

And yet in some strange quantum mechanical way, he is also already not the Doctor, having filmed his last scenes some months back. And even as he is and is not the Doctor, he is (possibly) becoming someone else, the eponymous star of an NBC pilot called "Rex Is Not Your Lawyer," in which he plays an attorney who coaches clients to represent themselves after he begins suffering panic attacks.

We spoke by telephone on a recent rainy day in Los Angeles. ("I can understand it's a novelty here," he said, "but I watched the news last night and it sounded like the world was coming to an end.") Of "Rex," which also features Jane Curtin and Jeffrey Tambor, he would only say, because "I don't know how much I'm allowed to say," that "it's a great part. It's a very dramatic role, it's quite funny -- you get to do a bit of everything and that always appeals."

...Tennant will likely next be seen on American television when "Great Performances" airs the film of his "Hamlet," which he performed at Stratford in 2008 with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He has performed with the company over the years, including as Romeo in 2000, but this was his first performance after becoming a pop-cultural action figure.

"On the opening night in Stratford, when outside my dressing room window the BBC News 24 truck pulled up, I realized that if I failed at this it was going to be on a fairly international level," he said. But the Times called his performance "riveting throughout," and the Guardian praised his Hamlet's "quicksilver intelligence, mimetic vigor and wild humor" -- qualities that describe his Doctor as well. [L.A. Times]

Below are some more photos of David Tennant on the set of Rex Is Not Your Lawyer:

There's also a QI preview with David and Stephen Fry. David's episode airs on December 24 at 10pm on BBC One.

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