Friday, 4 December 2009

'The Last Station' LA and NY December screenings

The Last Station's one week Academy qualifying run starts Friday, December 4 at The Landmark in Los Angeles. You can call (310) 281-8233 for more information on tickets and show times.

In New York The Last Station will open for one week on December 4 at The Angelika in New York. You can go to The Angelika's website for more information.

I managed to get a list (posted below) from The Calanander of all the theaters in New York and Los Angeles that show independent films, so if you live in NY or LA you can check them out to find out when and where The Last Station opens after its January opening. The Calanander has lots of information on limited releases, Q&As, and advanced Screenings in NY and LA if you're interested in other screenings.

New York Theaters

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