Friday, 1 May 2009

James McAvoy to team up with Laura Linney?

Earlier this month James McAvoy revealed that he would soon start shooting independent film, The Details in Seattle. Laura Linney will also likely star in the film and James will start filming later in the month after Three Days of Rain closes on May 9th. Jacob Aaron Estes, who directed indie drama Mean Creek, wrote the script and will also direct.

The Wanted sequel is also likely to go into production later this year, in the autumn, around the release of James' upcoming biopic, The Last Station.



  1. James mentioned "The Details" when I saw him at the stage door of Three Days again last week, but he didn't seem to know much about it yet. Laura Linney is great, so I hope this works out.

    Also, there will definitely be a Wanted sequel? I'm not sure how that will work, considerin the way the first film ended (trying not to include any spoilers). I liked the first one, but I'd prefer to see James in something fresh.

  2. Thanks for sharing Purple. Hopefully some more news about the movie comes out soon.

    I think the Wanted sequel will happen because James' contract says that he has to die either one or two sequels. And the studio has hired a few screenwriters to write their first draft version. That's often what happens with studio films. It's rare that they get an actor for only one film in a franchise.

  3. SAW him ???????????? Excuse me while I PASS OUT with ENVY !!!!!!!!!

    Still THRILLED he's doing more movies SOON -- even with Ewan and Gerry (and Johnny D.) on the way for the summer - I still miss James !


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