Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rab C Nesbitt - Christmas Special

RaB C Nesbitt is winding himself up for one final festive rant before he hangs up the string vest for good.

Gregor Fisher, who brings the Govan philosopher to life, and Elaine C Smith, who plays Mary Doll, the long-suffering Mrs Nesbitt, have both agreed to appear in a Christmas special for BBC2. Creator Ian Pattison is working on story ideas.

A BBC source confirmed that the ratings hit, which last year celebrated a 10th series some 25 years after Rab C first appeared, will be back for one show. Fisher and Smith both have plans that make further Nesbitt adventures beyond that look unlikely.

Fisher, 58, is planning to move to France and Smith, 53, is preparing for a world tour of I Dreamed a Dream, the stage musical in which she plays Britain’s Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle. She is on stage in Manchester tonight as part of its UK tour.

Last night, she said: “Everything will be worked around our dates.
“I am back in Aberdeen in panto, but I would be more than delighted to do another Nesbitt. I have got about three or four weeks between the end of the stage tour and the panto. That is all they need to complete filming.”

It is likely that the special will also feature cast favourites Tony Roper as Jamesie Cotter and Barbara Rafferty as his other half Ella.

Source: Daily Express 


  1. I hope Elaine will do a World Tour of IDAD!! It is a brilliant play and Elaine is nothing short of genius as Susan Boyle! I'm hoping for all kinds of theater awards for the performances, writing, set and costume design, lighting..........the whole shebang. Some of the best musical theater I've seen in many a year!

  2. Exciting news that Elaine will be doing a world tour of IDAD. Elaine, the world is waiting!


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