Sunday, 24 June 2012

Billy Boyd to guest on 'City Secrets'

Reported this week by Basically Billy Boyd:
Looks like Billy is filming City Secrets on Sky Atlantic with Alan Cumming.  Just spotted these tweets!
Hidden Lane Tearoom ‏@HiddenLTearoomvery much enjoyed having Billy Boyd and @alancumming in the Tearoom today! Looking forward to watching City Secrets on Sky Atlantic soon!

And this:

JamHot ‏@JamHot - Saw Alan Cumming and Billy Boyd in the hidden lane where our studio is today. No idea what they were up to but they had a camera crew

And this:

walkingheads ‏@walkingheads - Billy Boyd (@OfficialBeecake) has also been seen filming in the #HiddenLane today… Wonder if they’d enjoy taking our #Glasgow Music Tour?
Source (and credit for photo): Basically Billy Boyd  

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