Sunday, 10 June 2012

Movie star Gary Maitland goes back to picking up trash Cannes

Angels’ Share star Gary Maitland swapped the red carpet of Cannes for red bin bags as he went back to his day job yesterday (Friday). Just two weeks ago Gary, 28, was rubbing shoulders with celebs at the French film festival showing of the award-winning Ken Loach flick.

But yesterday, he clocked on at 7.30am for a shift on a council refuse lorry.

Gary, who has been a bin man for ten years, might give up his £16,000-a-year job — but only if he gets the right movie offer.

At the council depot in Rutherglen, near Glasgow, Gary said: “We are all mates here, and I have my bit to do like anyone else — being in a movie doesn’t change that. But I am on the look-out for an agent. Obviously if the right part came up I would do it.

“But for the time being I’m happy doing what I’m doing. I’ve been here 10 years. It’s part of my life.”

Gary was spotted by director Loach in 2002, who cast him in hit movie Sweet Sixteen with Martin Compston.

Three years later he appeared in another Loach movie, Tickets, but kept up the job he’s had with South Lanarkshire Council since leaving school.

Gary, of Hamilton, hadn’t expected any more acting work until Loach’s casting director Kathleen Crawford contacted him on Facebook.

He said: “I got this message out of the blue asking if I was the same Gary Maitland that appeared in Sweet Sixteen and Tickets.

“I gave her my new mobile number and I did a couple of auditions and got the part. I had no idea it would be such a big role.”  

The Angels’ Share follows Robbie, played by Glasgow-born actor Paul Brannigan, a desperate dad who tries to turn his life around with a whisky heist with the help of pals, including Albert, played by Gary.

The film, which won the Jury Prize at Cannes, was shot on location in Glasgow.

Gary, who did a Higher in drama, said an acting career would be a dream come true.
He said: “It would be great to work with Ken again. But I would like to work with someone else as well for the experience, “I would go to River City if they asked me. I’ve always been into drama — to be a full-time actor would be a dream for me.”

Gary is set to join up with Loach again for a promotional tour for the movie next month.

He said: “My bosses have been great, letting me take unpaid leave during filming and letting me take holiday for the promotional tour.”

Workmate Kevin Kennedy, 31, from Hamilton, said: “I went to see the film with the missus. It was brilliant. Gary’s the same guy he’s always been, he does his bit at work.” Gary added: “I get a bit of banter from the lads but nothing has changed.”

Also reported by The Daily Record

Gary Maitland with the cast of The Angels' Share

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