Monday, 18 June 2012

Douglas Henshall: project updates

Update from Douglas Henshall Fan Pages
Please note Douglas Henshall did not play the part of Mowbray in Henry IV part 2 in the upcoming BBC production (trailers are now going out). It seems to have been a mistake made by the BBC in their December press release.

In December, Douglas Henshall filmed The Snipist, which has recently been shown on Sky Arts. He was hoping to begin work on Doors Open in February, but filming was delayed till April, so instead he played the sinister Cribben in TheSecret of Crickley Hall, which should be broadcast on BBC1 around the time of Halloween.

He recently filmed Doors Open with Stephen Fry in Edinburgh. After a break of two weeks, he is now back in Scotland to work on Shetland for BBC1. Filming takes place in Glasgow and Shetland and if the drama is successful it will lead to a new drama series.


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