Friday, 16 April 2010

New interview with Douglas Henshall

Douglas Henshall recently did an interview over at ReelScotland and he talked about upcoming films How I Was Stolen by the Germans and The Eagle of the Ninth. An excerpt is below and you can head on over to ReelScotland for the full interview. Thanks so much to the folks at ReelScotland for sharing this with us:
Due later this year, Henshall will play German officer, Werner Kraus in Serbo-Croation film How I Was Stolen by the Germans.

“My wife is Croatian and we have a friend who is a producer in Belgrade and he was in London saying ‘how do you fancy coming to Serbia to do a film there?’ I said ‘sure’ so he sent me the script where I play a German officer in World War Two who falls for this little boy. The boy doesn’t know who his father is and ends up wanting this German officer to be his dad. It’s a very nice story.”

“I don’t speak German and (director) Misa (Radivojevic) is 90% deaf and doesn’t speak English, but I had a number of interpreters and everyone wanted to help. But I had a nice time, Misa is a proper auteur, it was a very creative place to work.”

...Another film due later this year is Kevin MacDonald’s epic, The Eagle of the Ninth. Unlike rival film, Neil Marshall’s Centurion, The Eagle of the Ninth will focus on Channing Tatum’s attempts to find his lost legion’s golden emblem in honour of his late father.

...“I have a small part, the first fifteen minutes, if that. I haven’t seen it or done any ADR yet so I might not even last that long! The chief of my part is a chariot race through the forrest with Channing Tatum and I just had the best time. The chariots were amazing, for the real hairy stuff they had stuntmen, but I got to do most of it myself. I had such a ball.” [Richard Bodsworth]


  1. I too picked up this ReelScotland feature on DH. For anyone who wants to follow up about The Eagle of the Ninth, film and book by Rosemary Sutcliff, and the filming of EOTN, maybe try

  2. PS you'll find that once upon a time, Scotttish Actor Sean COnnery appeared in a film co-scripted by Rosemary Sutcliff!! see

  3. Good post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Appreciate it!


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