Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Martin Compston promotes 'Alice Creed'

The Disappearance of Alice Creed opens on April 30 in the UK and there are two new interviews with Martin Compston.

Martin Compston and his co-star Gemma Arterton talk about working on the film.

There's also a profile in The Times that you can read in full here. Part of the interview with Martin is posted below:

At about this time Compston even gave LA a second shot. He moved there, in the winter of 2007, and worked as a volunteer in a free health clinic on Beverly Boulevard. “I told everyone: ‘I’m going out there not to look for acting work, just to see if I can live there’. ” He says that his time there was “mad”, and that working at the clinic was often “horrible” — “There’d be a guy having a heart attack right in front of me, but because he couldn’t fill out his form nobody would touch him!”

Ultimately, he says, he planned a second professional assault on LA too, but the success of Alice Creed got in the way, and he hasn’t stopped working here since. He’s busy solidly for the entire year, and some of his forthcoming roles include playing a porn star in the crime film Pimp, a dancer in the drama Soul Boys and an ex-convict who has, yes, a raunchy sex scene in the horror movie Comedown. []

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