Thursday, 8 April 2010

John Barrowman talks 'Torchwood'; no American version without Barrowman, Captain Jack

A little more of John's interview with Access Hollywood has been unveiled and he talked about Torchwood potentially airing on U.S. networks. A write up of the interview is posted below, and you can go to Access Hollywood to watch the full thing.

...In January, there was talk of an American version of “Torchwood” being developed by series creator Davies and his creative team for the FOX network, for which Barrowman seemed more than willing to participate.

“If it was going to happen, there would be hopefully Russell writing it. There would be no change to Captain Jack. He would still be the same sexually charged character that he is, and it would pick up from where it left off,” he hoped.

“I know that there’s discussions happening right now with some American networks. That’s all I know. Julie Gardner and Russell T. Davies (the executive producers), have said there will be no ‘Torchwood’ without John Barrowman, without Captain Jack. So I’ll be there and I’m just waiting to hear like everybody else,” he added.

Though once talk began of bringing the show to the U.S., there were immediate concerns from fans that Captain Jack’s openly free spirited nature would be toned down for the wider network audience.

“Captain Jack is not gay, he’s omni-sexual and he will sleep with anything with a zip code. If any network were to do that, it would be silly because the reason Jack works is because he connects with so many and very different people out there. But you know if Russell’s writing it, he won’t do that,” Barrowman assured “Torchwood” fans. [Jim Kiernan]

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