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Emun Elliott: filming 'Prometheus' felt like being on another planet

Scots TV hunk Emun Elliott was obsessed with the Alien films — now he’s living the dream in Ridley Scott’s blockbuster Prometheus.

The 28-year-old — best known as gay Ritchie in Comedy Central hit Threesome — is starring alongside Hollywood babe Charlize Theron in the prequel to sci-fi classic Alien.

It also features telly hardman Idris Elba and Inglourious Basterds actor Michael Fassbender. And the big-screen epic — expected to be a massive hit for legendary director Scott — is one of 2012’s most eagerly-anticipated releases.

Alien fanatic Emun, from Edinburgh, plays spaceship pilot Chance — and he was in dreamland the minute he stepped onto the £65million movie’s spectacular set.

Emun admitted: “That was the highlight. I’d seen the Alien movies and it felt like we had these landmark shoes to fill.

“There was a real feeling of anxiousness and trepidation at first, but I remember Charlize saying she was nervous too.

“Once the cameras started rolling though, you realise that it’s just like any other job.

“But yeah, just wandering about in a space suit with a big globe over your head was cool.

“You’d get so far onto these massive sets that you felt like you were actually on another planet or a spaceship.”

Last year, Emun raved about Oscar winner Charlize, 36, in an interview with The Scottish Sun.

He said: “Charlize was lovely, just a proper movie star. She was gorgeous, brilliant and knows exactly what she’s doing.”

But he also struck up a friendship with co-star Idris — famed for his roles in BBC series Luther and US drama The Wire.

Emun revealed: “Idris is not only one of the sexiest men I’ve ever encountered but also one of the coolest. I learned an awful lot working with him.

“I worked primarily with Idris, Michael and Benedict Wong.

“Benedict and I play the pilots Idris plays the captain, so it was a sort of threesome.

“It was straight forward — the director gave us free reign to do whatever we wanted to do and gave us nudges here and there.”

Prometheus hits cinemas in June.

Emun has become a well-known face on telly starring in Threesome, Comedy Central’s first British sitcom. He has also appeared in Sky Atlantic’s fantasy series Game Of Thrones and BBC3 lesbian drama Lip Service.

He played bad-boy architect and womaniser Jay in the raunchy Scots show and viewers saw him exit last month when his character got a new job in London.

Emun joked: “I was hoping I’d leave the show in a more epic and exciting way. I was hoping to fall out of a window mid-orgy, but instead he just says ‘I’m off to London’. Hey-ho.”

In Game Of Thrones his on-screen alter ago had his tongue sliced off. Emun said: “I’d love to return one day but my character lost his tongue so I wouldn’t have any lines. It would be an incredible performance or a ridiculous one!”

A 2005 graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Emun is getting plenty of screen time later this year. Threesome returns for a second series and he will also appear in BBC drama The Ladies’ Paradise.

Next year, the actor returns to the big screen in Filth, the movie based on Irvine Welsh’s novel.

It stars X-Men actor James McAvoy, Braveheart’s Ron Donachie, Harry Potter veteran Jim Broadbent and Billy Elliot’s Jamie Bell.

Emun added: “I’d wanted to work with James since I was at drama school.”

Emun has been snapped up by Ridley Scott again — this time for the film legend’s forthcoming TV sex-fest Labyrinth.

The hunk stars in the historical mini-series alongside Harry Potter baddie Tom Felton, and fellow Scot Tony Curran.

He said: “My character basically goes around sleeping with beautiful women and killing Catholic crusaders on the back of the horse. The director Chris Smith likes to take things to extremes so there’s loads of gore and lots of sex — it was a bit of a dream!”

The show, which airs on Channel 4 later this year, is based on the novel by English author Kate Mosse and boasts Scott as executive producer.

Emun told CultBox Online: “It’s a bestseller, so it’s already got a huge following. I’ve seen a rough cut and it’s massively exciting.”

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