Wednesday, 16 May 2012

David Tennant - Nativity 2 screening | Derry City of Culture update

Footage of David Tennant's movie Nativity 2 screened from today at Cannes
The Cannes Film Festival opens today
(16 May) and footage from David Tennant's forthcoming movie Nativity 2 The Second Coming will be screened there.

The Cannes Film Festival is the most well known film festival in the world but, along with the movie premières which make headlines in the newspapers, a large part of Cannes is devoted to the business side of movies as distributors view upcoming movies in order to decide whether to distribute them in their own markets.

David Tennant filmed Nativity 2 during October, November and December last year and the movie has a release date of 23rd November. It is still in post-production but Moviehouse Entertainment (an independent film sales company) will be showing footage of the movie in the LERINS Stand R1 at Cannes.

Moviehouse are show casing nine movies at Cannes but Nativity 2 is the only movie with just footage. Most of the movies they are selling either have screenings or trailers available.

Last year David Tennant's movie The Decoy Bride was shown at Cannes but was unfortunately only picked up by a couple of distributors. With the success of the original Nativity movie it is likely that demand for Nativity 2 will be quite high.

Unfortunately fans can not just go along and watch this footage as Cannes is limited to industry professionals only.

Cannes continues until Sunday 27th May.

Source: David Tennant on Twitter

A cautionary update about David Tennant in Derry in May 2013
Following an announcement in The Derry Journal last week regarding the city’s 2013 City of Culture draft events programme, there was a flurry of retractions; the whole situation is summarised at David Tennant on Twitter 

 All the latest news (updated daily) on David's projects can be found here



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