Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Angus Macfadyn: Henry IV rumour

In a recent interview, actor Harry Lennix revealed that:

“Right now I’m doing what I think is the first black Shakespeare film ever done, which is called “H4”. It’s a reconfiguration using Shakespeare’s language of “Henry IV Part I and Part II”. I play Henry IV in it along with an estimable cast including Keith David, Angus Macfadyen from “Braveheart”, we have a number of young and talented actors.”

Harry Lennix also said that he's producing the film.

On IMDb, Michael Dorn is listed as playing the part of Henry IV, but Shakespeare fansite Bardfilm clarifies:

“Michael Dorn will not be playing Henry IV in the finished version of the film. Scheduling conflicts prevent him from being available for the reshoots. But Harry Lennix, who played Aaron (and played him brilliantly) in Julie Taymor’s Titus, will take over the role.”
The cast of H4 also includes The Walking Dead's Jeryl Prescott Sales and Equilibrium's Angus Macfadyen as Sir John Falstaff.

Update: IMDb also says that Harry Lennix is playing the part of Macduff in Macbett: The Caribbean Macbeth, alongside the likes of Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Blair Underwood, and, according to rumours, Danny Glover.

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Update by Scottish Actors:
Angus MacFadyen is listed as playing Sir John Falstaff in H4 on IMDB

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