Sunday, 3 July 2011

David Tennant - news, updates, and new projects

Empire have released images of four new promo Fright Night posters, inlcuding the one above of David Tennant.
See more at Empire Online

A Wharf press release this week said that David Tennant will attend the UK Fright Night screening at the O2 on Sunday 14 August (this has not been confirmed)

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Final Round of TV Choice Awards

David Tennant is through to the final round of the TV Choice Award. He's been nominated for Best Actor, and Single Father has been nominated for Best New Drama. Voting ends at midnight on Friday 8th July. Winners will be announced on 13th September and there does not appear to be a limit to how many times you can vote but just remember to click the "submit vote" button right at the end for your vote to count.
Vote at TV Choice Magazine

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The Purple Land (BBC Radio Four Saturday 16th July)

David Tennant appeared in the Saturday Play on BBC Radio Four on Saturday 16th July from 2.30pm until 4pm. The play is described as "Andrew Davies's rip-roaring adaptation of WH Hudson's epic Uruguayan adventure."

The BBC Radio Four publicity announcement says:
"Published in 1885, The Purple Land was the first novel of William Henry Hudson, author of Green Mansions. It is an exuberant, wryly comic account of a young Englishman's imprudent adventures, set against a background of political strife in 19th-century South America. Eloping with an Argentine girl, young Richard Lamb (Tennant) makes an implacable enemy of his teenage bride's father. Leaving her behind, he goes ignorantly forth into the interior of the country to seek his fortune. While doing so he learns to hunt, ride, herd, love and even kill on his way to becoming a man. In Davies's hands this "road novel" becomes a fast-paced romp in the tradition of Tom Jones, with a dash of Don Quixote for good measure. Producer/Clive Brill for Pacificus Productions."
Source: BBC

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The Itch Of The Golden Nit premiered in Leicester Square on 29 June and had its television premiere on Saturday (2nd July) morning at 9am on BBC2.

The Itch Of The Golden Nit is an animated short film which was conceived and drawn by children. David Tennant has voiced two cameos roles but details have not been announced about which roles they are. The film includes a number of British stars including David Walliams and Catherine Tate. Following the broadcast there was a special “making of” section about the movie during Blue Peter from 9.30am. The Itch Of The Golden Nit was repeated on CBBC at 5.15pm in Sunday 3rd July.

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Much Ado About Nothing soundtrack CD on sale from 18 July

A soundtrack of David Tennant’s production of Much Ado About Nothing will be released on 18th July. As well as music by Michael Bruce, it will include two tracks sung by David Tennant and Catherine Tate. The soundtrack will be available from the Wyndham Theatre from that date until the play ends on 3rd September. The production also has an online shop which will most likely stock the CD too.

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David Tennant reading The Fir Tree is available from the BBC Learning website
Source: BBC

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David Tennant has signed a Tenth Doctor drawing in aid of charity; see the artwork, and find out more at Art for Hearts

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All news items courtesy of David Tennant on Twitter

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