Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New Photos from Fright Night 3D

A variety of new photos have been released for two upcoming horror movies — director Craig Gillespie's Fright Night remake and director David R. Ellis' follow-up to The Final Destination, Shark Night.

The latest photos for Fright Night center on one character, that of Las Vegas magician and vampire "expert" Peter Vincent, played by former Dr. Who star David Tennant. The character of Vincent has been mostly absent from the movie's promotional campaign, though he recently received a character poster in his native U.K. and finally made an extended appearance in the movie's latest trailer, released in June.

In the 1985 original, Vincent was a late-night, horror movie TV host (played by Roddy McDowell), who spends a good amount of the movie not believing that Charlie Brewster has a vampire living next door to him. In the new photos, Vincent is shown in what looks like his Vegas hotel room, and then then is depicted holding a shotgun, which usually wouldn't cause much damage to a vampire, but the cross placed at at the end of the gun implies that there may be more to the weapon than meets the eye.

Fright Night opens Aug. 19th and stars Anton Yelchin as Brewster, the high school student with a vampire problem, Imogen Poots as Brewster's girlfriend Amy, and Colin Farrell as Jerry Dandridge, Bewster's vampire neighbor.

Source: Reelz Channel

A Fright Night 3D photo gallery can be seen at The Fan Carpet

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