Wednesday, 9 June 2010

'X-Men: First Class' updates

X-Men: First Class, starring James McAvoy is scheduled for a June 2011 theatrical release, and some scenes will reportedly be shot in Michigan. The West Michigan Film Office posted a bulletin stating that 20th Century Fox is scouting locations in Michigan.

"A location scout is seeking out areas with a 1960's, South-American or Central American island feel for the next X-Men movie, 'X-Men: First Class.' In particular, he needs to find café and bar locations, evoking the Argentinian feel of Bariloche, and an Art Deco Cafe or restaurant overlooking a body of water. Additionally, the movie calls for a Miami styled harbor for yachts. If you know of any locations that seem to match a description, please contact our office."

Michigan Live says that "if you know of any such spots where mutants might fit in, contact Rick Hert at the WMFO:" Location scouting is also apparently in preliminary stages and probably in a "limited capacity." Most of the filming though, will likely be in London this September.

There are also a few casting rumours - Michael Fassbender is being considered for the role of Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto and Rosamund Pike might be up for Emma Frost.

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