Thursday, 24 June 2010

First reaction to 'Haywire'

Haywire (originally called Knockout), featuring Ewan McGregor, was recently screen tested at the Arclight in Sherman Oaks - director Steven Soderbergh was at the screening. Jeff Wells shared some positive feedback from a trusted source who attended the screening:
"The associations that came to mind were (a) any Bourne movie, (b) any Mission Impossible movie, (c) Taken, (d) Michael Clayton, (e) Wanted, (f) Panic Room, (g) Obsessed, (h) The Informant, (i) Body Of Lies, (j) Edge Of Darkness and (k) Red Eye.

...The fights are great. I've been in, and have personally choreographed, a lot of staged violence, and this was quality stuff. It does my heart good to see a young woman really kick ass. The brutality and desperation of the fights, in fact, at times seemed to appall more than thrill the audience, which is as it should be. As I write this (i.e., the following morning) I'm still thrilled."

You can head on over to Hollywood Elsewhere to read the entire assessment.

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