Tuesday, 11 May 2010

'Pimp' trailer with Billy Boyd

The official Pimp trailer has been out for a couple of weeks, so I've been a little slow in posting it. There have been reports that Gerard Butler helped to fund the film, which reminded me about it. My apologies for being slow. Anyway, the film stars Robert Cavanah, Billy Boyd, and Martin Compston and opens in the UK on May 21. It debuts on DVD and Blu-Ray on May 24.

Synopsis: Working for Stanley (Danny Dyer), Woody (Robert Cavanah) is a pimp, hustler and fixer in Soho's sex industry who agrees to be followed and filmed by a documentary camera crew for one week. However, it soon turns out to be no ordinary week; one of his porn directors is behind schedule, he’s kicked out of his apartment for not paying his rent and he’s beaten up by his landlord and by Chinese thugs who are encroaching onto Stanley’s territory.

These are the least of his problems, though, as he finds out when one of his girls, Petra, goes missing. During his frantic search for her throughout the seductive Soho underworld, Woody soon finds himself starting to question his whole life – a life he now finds is spiralling brutally out of control…

Featuring an explosive cast (including Billy Boyd, Scarlett Alice Johnson, Martin Compston and Barbara Nedeljakova), Pimp is a sexy, exciting and action-packed look at the darker side of London’s glamorous and dangerous nightlife.

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