Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Henry Ian Cusick talks the 'Lost' finale

The Lost cast has been doing some promotion for the series finale, and Henry Ian Cusick talked to the press at an ABC/Disney press event on Sunday.

Henry talks about the final day of shooting:

Excerpts from two interviews (via are below.

You can check out the full interview with ComingSoon at the source:
Q: With three shows left is there anyway that the finale is going to satisfy all of the fans?
Cusick: Probably not all of the fans. I think that's an impossible task.

Q: Do you think it will please general "Lost" fans?
Cusick: What's great about the show is that there are so many talking points. There are so many walks of life getting together to talk about the show and so many issues to be brought up and that's exactly what the ending will bring up. People will be talking about it for weeks afterwards and that's what the show has always done.

...Q: Was there a question of the show that you had as fans that did get answered?
Cusick: There was a point in the show where I thought I don't care about the answers anymore. I knew what I wanted from the ending and what I wanted the message to be. I like this thing of it coming from a place of love and coming from a place of no fear. All of a sudden it just seemed a lot bigger. Small questions I just thought I don't care anymore. I don't care why I can see the future. It didn't matter. It just seemed to be bigger than that. [Heather Newgen]

Interview with HitFix:
Actually, there's some confusion as to whether or not Cusick does, in fact, know how "Lost" ends.
"I think in act 11 there is a secret scene that no one got," Cusick says. "Only the people who are in it, but nobody knows. Everyone is keeping very quiet about it."

...How did the writers explain Desmond's place in the season to the actor?
"They phone you up and say they don't need you. Oh, okay," Cusick recalls. "Basically the phone call was 'We don't need you except for the final seven [episodes] but you'll get a really cool storyline.' You have to just trust them." [Daniel Fienberg]

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