Friday, 7 May 2010

On the set of 'Coriolanus' with Gerard Butler and Brian Cox

The Guardian has a profile piece on Coriolanus and gives us a look at the Belgrade set with Gerard Butler, Brian Cox, and Ralph Fiennes. It's a pretty great read and you can check out the entire article at the source. Photos via the Daily Mail.
A dozen or so soldiers are sprawled in front of a communist-era block of flats in a factory town outside the Serbian capital, Belgrade. The building has seen better days, graffiti snaking the walls, brickwork crumbling. The soldiers are none too pretty, either: a mean-looking hairy crew in dirty uniforms. Up marches their general and grunts at them. Behind the general's bushy beard and mirrored sunglasses is the actor Gerard Butler, and the soldiers are extras playing his troops. As he stomps off, grinning, to start the day's filming in a nearby flat, one of them pulls out a sudoku book. Not so tough after all – but film sets, like wars, involve a lot of waiting around.

...Representing the Brits are Brian Cox, playing a rascally political fox, James Nesbitt and Paul Jesson. [Cath Clarke]

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