Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Kevin McKidd cast in 'The Great Ghost Rescue'

Kevin McKidd, Jason Isaacs, Toby Hall, and Emma Fielding will appear in the movie adaptation of Eva Ibbotson's 1975 children's novel. Kevin has been cast as Hamish. Shooting started today and the movie is set for a 2011 release in the UK. A synopsis of the book:

Humphrey the Horrible is a pleasant, friendly ghost - quite unlike his frightful, ghastly and loathsome family: his mother, a Hag; his father, a Scottish ghost killed fighting in the Battle of Otterburn in which he lost both his legs, and was run through by a sword; his brother George, a Screaming Skull; and his sister, Winifred, a wailing ghost covered in bloodstains.

The little family are turned out of their castle home when humans plan to redevelop the castle into a holiday resort. [Wiki]

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