Wednesday, 24 February 2010

John Barrowman on The One Show; makes 'Desperate Housewives' news

John appeared on The One Show today and talked about Torchwood and Desperate Housewives. A segment from the show is below:

John also revealed there he will appear in at least one more episode of Desperate Housewives:

Speaking on BBC's "The One Show," Barrowman revealed that his character will be introduced an episode earlier than originally planned and confirmed that his character is nothing short of evil.

"I leave in about a week and a half to do 'Desperate Housewives,'" he said. "I just found out today that I was supposed to be doing 5 episodes, it has increased now to 6. So I'm really, really chuffed about that. They've decided to put my character in sooner than we thought. He's a villain, he's a bad guy and he's going to affect all the women in Wisteria Lane."

...According to executive producer Bob Daily, Barrowman will be playing the much alluded to, Patrick. When he arrives in town, Patrick will be getting very involved in the lives of all the central figures on the series and will serve as an insight into Angie's mysterious back-story. [InsideBlip]

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