Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Gerard Butler at the Artists for Haiti Benefit + new 'How To Train Your Dragon' interview

Gerard was at the Artists for Haiti Benefit, hosted by Olivia Wilde and Artists for Peace and Justice to raise money Haiti last Thursday. Here are photos of Gerry at the event:

Gerard did interview with the Daily Record and you can read an excerpt below. Craig Ferguson is also mentioned in the article. You can read the whole interview at the Daily Record.
...although his fellow thespian is tall and good looking, Gerry is happy to keep Craig Ferguson as "just good friends" on the set of their new film How To Train Your Dragon.

"I wouldn't be surprised if I was linked to Craig," chuckled Gerard. "But maybe they'll come up with a way to say I had an affair with the dragon. Or that I had sex with all of them."

...there was role open for one of Gerard's oldest friends, Craig Ferguson, who has carved himself a career as one of America's top chat show hosts, earning an estimated $4million a year.

"I met Craig when I was a student at Glasgow University and Craig was doing stand-up around Scotland," recalled Gerard. Gerard, 40, and Craig, 47, have stayed in touch ever since and Craig even had a bit part as himself in Gerard's recent romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth.

"The bosses of How To Train Your Dragon reckon Craig and Gerard were able to draw on their friendship to convincingly play a Viking hero and his oldest pal.

But Craig and Gerard admit that their characters may sound like them - but onscreen the strapping Scotsmen look very different.

Gerard's Stoick has red flowing locks and an enormous bushy beard while Craig's Gobber has blond braids and has lost an arm and a leg in battles with dragons. But the two men got into the roles by dressing up while recording their voices for the film.

Gerard said: "I would try to wear something evocative of the period, instead of the usual T-shirt and jeans. A say baggyish shirt just made me feel closer to the period."

Craig joked: "I wore full Viking costume. It was difficult because you could hear my breastplate clink, and it drove the microphone people mad.

"But if you're going to make a movie with me, you've got to be prepared for unreasonable behaviour." [Siobhan Synnot]

In other news, Gamer is now at the top of all three home video charts. It's the top selling DVD, top rental and top Blu-ray seller in the US.



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