Wednesday, 20 January 2010

David Tennant drops out of 'Burke and Hare'

David Tennant had be scheduled to star opposite Simon Pegg, but now he's had to drop out. According to Simon Pegg's Titter account:
David Tennant had to drop out of B&H but by sheer glorious serendipity a legend of Middle Earth and Skull Island has come aboard. Welcome AS

Director John Landis has cast Andy Serkis who will likely play William Hare. No one has announced why David dropped out yet, but maybe this is good news for his Rex Is Not Your Lawyer NBC pilot.

There's also a some footage of David presenting at the National Television Awards earlier today in the UK. Enjoy:


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  1. Thanks for the clip. NBC is desperate for 10pm dramas to fill the 5 weekly spots of the cancelled Jay Leno show. They seem to be fast tracking everything they have. I love DT but really don't want him stuck in a dumb American show but who knows.


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