Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Update on Gerard Butler's 'Burns' biopic

Scottish actors Brian Cox and John Hannah might be cast in the film. Oh, and there's this too:

Gerard Butler will reportedly bare all in an upcoming film.

The Law Abiding Citizen star has been lined up to portray Scottish poet and lyricist Robert Burns in a racy new movie directed by Vadim Jean.

Speaking to the Sunday Mail, Jean said: "Gerard and I are both totally committed to the film. There's plenty of sex and nude scenes in it.

"[Burns] was a notorious rake of his time. We are not whitewashing Burns by any means. He was a complicated character and to do justice to his story is not a simple thing."

Scottish actors Brian Cox and John Hannah have also been tapped to appear in the film, but there has been no decision made as to who will play the lead female role of Burns's love Jean Armour. [Digital Spy]




  1. well let's get on with it already! He's been supposed to start this movie for years now. Nude or not, it's going to be a killer movie!

  2. If Gerard Butler loves Robert Burns, the man then he’ll do justice by the greatest poet who ever lived. To only show risqué scenes is not fair to Robert Burns, those whose lives revolved around him or the Scottish people. It isn’t fair to Scotland and the world at large today who do not know the name Robert Burns. Robert augmented fragments from “Auld Lang Syne” and made it the classic it is. He wrote and/or turned 300 pieces into songs. There are screenplays ready to launch should Mr. Butler wish to read them. They not only have love scenes but also his “reason to be.” Are you game, Mr. Butler? ~ Janet Thompson Deaver

  3. Hopefully this will put Burns Corridor firmly on the map. Hope he lands at the Robert Burns International Airport, Prestwick Ayrshire, close to the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Ayrshire. Plug some local towns and villages, which Burns knew well, during the film. Burns Corridor could do with a few thousand Set-Jetters.


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