Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Live chat with Gerard Butler

Don't forget that tonight is the LA premier of Law Abiding Citizen, and you can watch a live stream of the premier here. The premier starts at 6:30pm PT/9:30pm ET in the US.

Gerard and F. Gary Gray gave a live interview earlier today at 10am PT. The interview is below in case you missed it:

Also you can check out the online issue of Angeleno magazine with Gerard Butler here. In addition to the photos posted yesterday, you can also read the interview with Gerard on page 78.


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  1. Hi Mr.Gerald Butler i want to know that u r my favorite actor I have seen your movie "The Phantom Of The Opera" and i was amazed that u show me how the real phantom was feeling when u played him. And i know that u helping childeren from Hati and my mom was thinking to adoppted a child from there.Finally can you please send me a message from u. THANK YOU!!!


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