Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Craig Ferguson interview and a new book review

Craig Ferguson spoke to reporters at a meeting of the Television Critics Association on Monday. He talked about aviation after getting his pilot's license last week and his career:

Craig Ferguson, who earned his pilot's license last week, says he loves aviation because it's the complete opposite of show business.

The host of CBS' ``Late Late Show'' says that getting ahead in entertainment means claiming to be able to do anything that's asked. In aviation, Ferguson says, a person has to tell the truth or risk death.

He likes to keep much of his life involved in more ``rational areas'' than entertainment, Ferguson told reporters Monday at a meeting of the Television Critics Association.

Asked to assess guests he's had on his show, Ferguson says his favorite was Betty White. His least favorite? An actor he declined to name. [Lynn Elber]

You can also read a summary/review of Craig's new autobiography American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot which will be released on September 22. The entire review is here, but I've posted an excerpt below:

Craig Ferguson, by his own account, is a Scotsman with a brogue and excellent teeth. A former punk-rock drummer. A recovering alcoholic. A sitcom star (well, supporting star) on Drew Carey's show. A film director-writer-leading man. A standup comic and overall "vulgar lounge entertainer."

Ferguson is also, of course, host of CBS' "Late Late Show," where he displays a gift for sly, often silly humour, a range of loony impersonations and a curious mind that, when he's interviewing, puts him in the rare league of Dick Cavett or even Bill Moyers.

Ferguson is also a proud American citizen (as of January 2008).

Any of this would serve as selling points for Ferguson's new memoir, "American on Purpose." [The Canadian Press]

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