Thursday, 30 July 2009

Law Abiding Citizen gets an ealier release date

Whoa. This might be kind of a big deal:

Update: So far as non-Universal releases go, Box Office Mojo claims that Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx's Law Abiding Citizen has just been moved up from a release next March to this October 16th. Hmmm, on the tail of Butler's own Gamer the month before and up against the teen-drawing remake of The Stepfather and the theoretically older-crowd-grabbing adaptation of The Road, eh? So many thrillers, so little time. [Cinematical]

I thought at first it had been moved to October of next year, but it really has been moved to October of 2009. If you check out director F. Gary Gray's tweets he hints at why the date has been changed. According to Gray, the movie test scores were "through the roof" and "92 in the top 2 boxes". The executives also love the movie and there was a screening for Gerard Butler and Gerry thinks it's his best film.

Typically this stuff is just hype, but if the date has been moved to a fall release date, then the film might really be good.


  1. This is good news, so GB's got three films in one year! Hopefully his role will help wipe out what he did in The Ugly Truth out of people's memory. I know Gerry can act, we just need to be reminded of that every once in a while =)


  2. I WON'T be waiting for 2010 to watch this. Either they release it in my country THIS year or I download it THIS year. One way the film studio gets paid the other they don't

    Their call


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