Sunday, 11 November 2012

Tony Curran

'Labyrinth' adaptation to air in the UK on Channel 4
Channel 4 has acquired the UK première broadcast rights to Labyrinth, based on author Kate Mosse's best-selling adventure thriller.
Source: Cult Box

"Defiance" - Behind the scenes

Source: Geno's World

Defiance set tweets (with photos) from Tony Curran: 
"Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely..."!/TonyCurran69/media/slideshow?

"in this town you need a bit of muscle to stay out of trouble..."!/TonyCurran69/media/slideshow?

"the Defiance massive chilling on the main street..."!/TonyCurran69/media/slideshow?

"smiling now but wait for the Alien invasion....."!/TonyCurran69/media/slideshow?

"Datak Tarr, his tailor can be found at @DefianceWorld April 2013"!/TonyCurran69/media/slideshow?

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