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Peter Mullan

EFD to distribute DNA's Proclaimers feature, now underway in Scotland
Entertainment Film Distributors has backed and will distribute Proclaimers musical, with Dexter Fletcher directing Peter Mullan and Jane Horrocks.
Anticipated DNA-Black Camel feature Sunshine on Leith, adapted by Stephen Greenhorn from his hit stage musical, is now underway in Scotland.
Dexter Fletcher (Wild Bill) will direct Peter Mullan, Jane Horrocks, George McKay, Kevin Guthrie, Antonia Thomas and Freya Mavor in the “feel-good contemporary musical”, which will feature music from the iconic band The Proclaimers.
Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich produce from DNA with Arabella Page Croft and Kieran Parker from Black Camel Pictures (Outpost). The film marks Macdonald’s first feature produced in Scotland since Trainspotting.
Sunshine on Leith is financed by Entertainment Film Distributors, the BFI Film Fund and Creative Scotland, with Entertainment distributing in the UK.
Croft and Parker said: “Sunshine is a foot tapping feel good project that is blessed with terrific partners on its journey from script to screen. Stephen’s heartwarming script and The Proclaimer’s uplifting soundtrack allowed Black Camel to attract strong producing partners in DNA with the support of Entertainment, Creative Scotland and BFI. It’s a fantastic filmmaking opportunity for Black Camel and for Scotland.”
The film will shoot for six weeks in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Identical twin brothers Charlie and Craig Reid of The Proclaimers have released nine albums since 1987 and are probably best known for hits I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), I’m On My Way and Letter from America.
Source: Screen Daily
Also reported by Hollywood Reporter

'The Liability' on Blu-ray
Independent British distributors Revolver Entertainment have revealed that they are planning to bring to Blu-ray director Craig Viveiros' The Liability (2012), starring Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs), Peter Mullan (Tyrannosaur), Talulah Riley (Pride & Prejudice) and Jack O'Connell (Eden Lake). The preliminary release date set by the distributors is January 28th.
Grindstone Entertainment has the North American distribution rights for The Liability. However, the film will be released in the U.S. and Canada by Lionsgate Home Entertainment, which has a distribution deal with Grindstone Entertainment.
Official synopsis: When 19-year-old Adam agrees to do a day's driving for his mum's dodgy boyfriend Peter, it takes him on a 24-hour journey into a nightmarish world of murder, sex trafficking and revenge, in the company of aging hit man Roy.

Empire exclusive: 'The Joy Of Six' trailer
It's not often we get the chance to dwell on short films in these parts, what with so many long ones to fixate on, so it's a rare joy to be able to debut this new trailer showing newbie filmmakers at work in the shorter form. As you know, we're also partial to the odd pun around here so The Joy Of Six ticks multiple boxes. Well, two boxes.
Click below to catch a glimpse of Romola Garai and Matthew Holness' directorial debuts, and Peter Mullan, Dame Judi Dench and Luke Treadaway on the other side of the camera.

Garai's 21-minute directorial debut Scrubber gives her the chance to step away from the trials and tribulations of Atonement, Glorious 39, King Lear and the like and let someone else (her Crimson Petal And The White co-star Amanda Hale) take the strain as a young mum with a strange obsession.
Holness's A Gun For George, meanwhile, should delight fans of his Marenghian alter egos. It sees Terry Finch, the creatively stymied author of The Reprisalizer and all-round loner, "looking for brutal revenge on the mean streets of East Kent".
There are also contributions from Douglas Hart (Long Distance Information), Will Jewell (Man In Fear), Dan Sully (The Ellington Kid) and Chris Foggin (Friend Request Pending) in this year's New British Cinema Quarterly short film initiative.
Aimed at "showcasing the best of British screen and directing talent", The Joy Of Six is distributed by Soda Pictures from Friday.
Source: Empire Online

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Sunset Song

According to The Fan Carpet, Peter Mullan is due to start filming Sunset Song soon
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