Sunday, 19 June 2011

Perfect Sense screens at Edinburgh International Film Festival

The latest kitchen film to be creating a stir stars Ewan McGregor as a high-end chef in a movie that marries seemingly incongruous genres and topics into one: food, love, horror, science fiction and the Apocalypse.

Or, as Bon Appetit magazine calls it, a "Foodpocalyptic romance drama."

Perfect Sense
centers around the sensuous love affair between Michael (McGregor), a talented chef at a fine dining restaurant, and Susan, an epidemiologist played by Eva Green frantically searching for answers as a worldwide epidemic is poised to break out.

One by one, people around the world fall victim to a strange phenomenon which strips them of their senses - smell, taste - and induces intense, uncontrollable emotional breakdowns.
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Perfect Sense screened at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this weekend.

To watch the trailer, visit You Tube

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