Sunday, 27 March 2011

Fright Night screening

On Thursday last week, there was a test screening in California of the Fright Night movie in which David Tennant plays Peter Vincent (the role which was made famous in the original movie by Roddy MacDowell).

Test screenings are held by production companies to get an idea of what members of the public think of a movie before it is released.

Among the tweets posted about the test screening were these comments about David Tennant:

Saw David Tennant in Fright Night & he rocked leather trousers like no one but he can! Great, fun film.

Tech screening of the remake of Fright Night in 3D was amazing! Chris Mintz was hilarious & Colin Ferrell was a convincing vampire.

Just saw David Tennant in 3D and it was amazing.... Go see Fright Night in 3D when it comes out!

Just saw the 1st screening of Fright Night w/ David Tennant!! The movie was great & DT gets a lot more screen time than I was expecting.

Just saw the Fright Night remake with David Tennant in the Roddy McDowall role in a test screening. UNEXPECTEDLY AWESOME.

He looked amazing in leather pants. He walks around without a shirt 4 quite a bit.
The story was updated well for today's audience & the story was true to the original, yet still fresh enough for new fans.
The character of Peter Vincent so much more fun with the whole Criss Angel vibe & nobody works it like DT. His character was fun & interesting!
Peter Vincent seems shallow at first, but of course isn't really which is what makes him so great. I couldn't get enough of him on screen!I was not disappointed.
The audience cheered at the end. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. I'm definitely seeing this again when it opens. Anton Yelchin & Colin Ferrall also were great. Any scene w/David Tennant & those to were fantastic!!
You get a bit of David in the first 5 mins on a tv screen & then you don't see him until about maybe half way in, but it's worth the wait!

Very memorable character & frankly Peter Vincent really stands out. He is unpredictable which makes you riveted.

Tennant makes what could easily be a campy character into a memorable, believable character. He becomes a good mentor to Yelchin's Charlie.

He had some excellent subtle & poignant moments.

Off stage he's still the rock star, but without all the bling. The big hair is only for the stage. Towards the end he's got the matrix-esque look

Trust and believe me when I say, David Tennant is the new Jimmy Stewart or Cary Grant easy!But you see, that's the HOOK! Understated, unconcerned, charming, humble, generous, humorous... damn, just plain sex on a stick!

Oh yeah and he wears the leather pants for quite a bit. He makes clothes look good. Costume Designers must love him.He keeps the eyeliner the whole movie if memory serves me. His character has an English accent not too unlike The Doctor.

Just came back from the screening in Orange County. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT. And David Tennant was absolutely the highlight for most of the audience, even those who weren't familiar with him.
Also, he absolutely went into Doctor Explanation mode a few times. Talking about specific tribes of vampires in that Doctory ramble. I wibbled.

David Tennant is an incredible actor, and just as in original it plays on his past roles.
Expert pacing, great performances all around. David Tennant played kind of a mix of Ten and Russell Brand.

I'm still so thrilled that I saw David Tennant in all his cinema Fright Night glory. How will I ever get over this?

My hubby seems to think DT gets fourth billing. At least on the questionnaire sheet.

Even my hubby agrees DT was hot. Now that means something.

I can't wait to see it again. Hope it doesn't change too much between now & opening.

I honestly think if anyone else had played Vincent it wouldn't have been as believable.

One person tweeted a negative review of Fright Night but she also posted:
It did def have its funny part though and the only person worth seeing was the actor who played Peter Vincent! He was awesome!

Source: David Tennant on Twitter

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