Monday, 14 March 2011

Billy Connolly unwell

Billy Connolly was forced to end his Sydney show early last Monday evening (March 7), suffering from a virus.

The 68-year-old is touring down under until the end of the month, performing a number of Sydney shows at the Opera House.

But his show last night ended abruptly, with the funnyman telling the audience he was "feeling extremely ill" and apologising for not being able to continue.

An ambulance was called to the entertainment venue just minutes after Connolly's show ended, with many fans worried the Big Yin needed to be rushed to hospital.

But a NSW Ambulance spokesman said paramedics were responding to reports a 60-year-old male patron tripped and sustained injuries to his head.

Fans who attended last night's show were sympathetic to Connolly's illness, posting on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook immediately after the show prematurely finished about 10pm.

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