Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dougray Scott interview on set of 'United'

Dougray Scott talks to Barbara Hodgson on the set of a new drama about the Munich air disaster filmed in the North East.

It was a defining moment in football history. When a plane carrying Manchester United players crashed on its third take-off attempt on a slush-covered runway in Munich in February, 1958 it brought to a tragic end the best team the great Matt Busby was ever to manage.

Most people know about the tragedy in which eight of the young, hugely talented players – nicknamed the Busby Babes – died.

But what most people are less familiar with is the story of its aftermath: the survivors’ struggle with guilt and terrible injuries and a lack of desire ever to play football again.

A young Bobby Charlton was among the survivors, as was Busby himself, and now their side of the tragedy is the focus of a new feature-length BBC drama, United, made in the region with the help of £150,000 investment from Northern Film & Media.

It stars Dougray Scott – who’s made quite a name for himself in America with roles in Mission Impossible ll and Desperate Housewives – as Busby, and former Dr Who David Tennant as trainer Jimmy Murphy, while talented young Skins actor Jack O’Connell joins the Scotsmen in a lead role as Ashington-born Charlton.

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