Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Kevin McKidd directs 'Grey's Anatomy' webisodes

The first of the six Grey's Anatomy webisodes aired on ABC.com last Thursday. Many of the six webisodes were directed by Kevin McKidd, and will air online every Thursday until November 18.
"They're based around a new PR consultant's power struggle with Dr. Richard Webber [James Pickens, Jr.], who is trying to turn the image of the hospital around," explains McKidd. When the PR rep advises the hospital to produce a corporate sizzle reel, they search for the perfect on-camera representative "with disastrous results," says McKidd, who will pop up in the series along with Pickens, Jesse Williams (Jackson) and Sarah Drew (April). "I ended up directing two I'm in, which was a challenge and quite weird." [TVGuide.com via Kevin McKidd Online]

Here's the first webisode directed by Kevin McKidd entitled "Message of Hope". You can also watch it over at ABC.com.

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